Monday, January 7, 2008

Dedicated Publication Services Tammy L. Hensel


The name "Dedicated Publications Services" for my new desk-top publishing business, came out of my profile name for my myspace page www.dedicated_to_christ
which is about my faith. I have become known to many of my myspace friends as "Dedicated" that I thought I would use it for my business.

Although the name of my business is new to me, writing and desk-top publishing are something I have pursued for years. While on myspace, I discovered the remarkable networking that is going on among writers and publishers, so I put up my myspace site www.dedicated publications to promote my desk-top publishing services. It has also given me many opportunities to grow and stretch as a writer and a person.

Interviews and personality features are a specialty of mine. I uploaded a few clippings to my myspace site and will post the links in a separate blog. I have strong interviewing, writing, editing, researching and organizational skills. I believe everyone has a story and that it is up to the interviewer to FIND that story. I am definitely a PEOPLE PERSON and I love to meet people from all walks of life. I have interviewed high profile people and people who didn't know they had a story until I wrote it. I really enjoy interviewing community volunteers, missionaries, military veterans and people who are working to make a difference in the world. I like to interview over comers, who face trials with fortitude, grace, and faith.

I am particularly interested in pursuing more inspirational writing. I had two items published in a faith-based webzine this month and will post the links to those in another blog, as well as the pieces I have written for my Dedicated To Christ blog. I am also doing more literary writing these days and may share a few of my unpublished pieces with you.

I have experience in page design and desk-top publishing preparation of print newsletters, press releases, proposals, publicity fliers, manuscript preparation, advertising and photography. I have gained much experience, not only through my professional projects, but through the volunteer work I have done in my church and community. In 1987 I was listed in Outstanding Young Women In America due to my pastor recommending me in gratitude for the donation of my professional skills to church projects. I have also been a Bible study teacher, drama ministry director, and of course been involved in newsletter production, event planning/promotions, and many other areas of service. At one time I was heavily involved in politics. Although it is not something I am interested in pursuing now, I gained much experience which has served me well in my public relations projects.

While I am interested in submitting articles, columns, literary pieces, etc., to magazines and newspapers on speculation, I work on a fee basis for all desk-top publishing and promotions projects. I am not interested in any projects for which I would have to invest capital, work on commission, or share in royalties only after publication. A book that I have found invaluable is The Writer's Market Companion by Joe Feiertag, Mary Carmen Cuito and the Editors of Writer's Market. It includes a list of sample fees that represent the range of prices charged by freelance writers across America. I usually refer to this as a guideline when setting my fees. However, I always take the scope of the project into consideration when setting a fee.

There was some confusion when I first put up my desk-top publishing myspace site from those who thought I was a book publisher. Most of my manuscript projects have been for people who were self-publishing. However, as I learn more and more about Internet publishing I may venture into it. Only time will tell. I am forever seeking to learn new things.

Tammy L. Hensel

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  1. I'm so-o-o-o-o happy 2 hear you are published!! Yaya! Praise God, Tammy! woot~

    gigles, I am so happy for you!

    May God richly bless you and all that read this!