Friday, May 2, 2008

Article Published in Comfort Cafe

My article "Life Lessons From Pain" was published yesterday in the May 2008 issue of Comfort Cafe. This is one of the most difficult articles I have ever written because it is so personal. Some of you know that I had a hard time finding the right venue for it and that it has undergone extensive revision. I am very honored that Comfort Cafe accepted it for publication. This webzine, edited by Ruth Wood, is very inspirational and ministers to women who are experiencing physical and emotional pain. It is a magazine that touches people's lives and makes a difference!

Here is the link to my article if you are interested in reading it.Life Lessons From Pain by Tammy Hensel

One of my dear friends suggested that I write a book based on this article with my main points as chapter headings. I am open to the idea if any publishers are interested. :)


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